Commission samples, pricing guide and additional details.
New requests will be for the months of June and July 2024.

Payment // All payments are taken up front via Paypal. All prices are USD
How to order // You will be required to fill out a "request form" for your commission details. Please include at least one reference photo of the character or design you want with as much description as possible. You will receive an invoice and further email correspondence about your commission via email.
Request Form🡬 for emotes and static commissions
Terms // Please Read  - full Terms, additional information on requests, turn-around times, licensing etc.

Terms & Details🡬for emotes and static commissions

$30    per emote
$85    for x 3 pack
$170   for  x 6 pack
Static emotes (no animation), Drawn at 300px with sizes 112x, 56x, 28x
More Emote Samples here

If you need a larger batch order, please let me know!

Request Form🡬
Terms & Details🡬

Sub Badges
$15    per each unique design
$5      each re-color
$10   each variant/minor edit
Drawn at 200px with sizes 72x, 36x, 18x

Request Form🡬
Terms & Details🡬

$65    per animated emote
$185    for x 3 pack
$300   for  x 5 pack
Drawn at 300px with sized 112x GIF
Includes base art - If you need multiple emotes we can work out details for a larger package of animated emotes.
*If you've commissioned emotes from me previously and want them animated, I can do that as well! Animation for existing emotes is priced at $35 ea.

*Price can be different depending on complexity of animation.

Character Art
$65    Portrait
$110+    Half Body / Waist up
$170+   Full Body

Creatures & Additional Details
$10 - 30+    Intricate Armor / Wings / Weapons / Props etc 
$20+    Small Creatures
$80+    Large Creatures

(final price will be determined by level of detail)

*More character art samples available in my Portfolio!

$30+    Simple
$80+    Complex
(final price will be determined by level of detail)
Backgrounds to add to your character art. If you want a standalone full-art background, please inquire as price will be different.
Pngtuber Models
$75   Portrait  (for Veadotube)
$125   Half Body  (for Veadotube)
$35  Animated Frame  (for Veadotube only)

$95   Portrait  (for PNGTuber Plus)
$155   Half Body  (for PNGTuber Plus)
$35   Include Basic Setup + File Programming  (for PNGTuber Plus)

Add-ons and Toggles
$15   Additional Expression/Mood
$20   Alternate Outfit
$20   Alternate Hairstyle
$35   Simple Animal or Creature/Pet
$15   Additional Haircolor or Outfit color

 - Portraits are drawn from the shoulders/neck up.
 - Half body models are drawn from the waist/elbows up (hips + hands negotiable).
 - Design fees may be applied depending on the complexity of your design.
- Animated frames (veadotube only) are for limited color palette and simplified designs only.

Loss in quality will occur in heavily detailed files when used in .gif animations.

What's the difference between Veadotube & PNGTuberPlus models?:   Veadotube models

will use a maximum of only 4 files while PngTuber Plus models are cut into multiple separate

layers for more bounce and movement on individual parts like hair, clothing, ears, tails etc.

Request Form🡬    for Pngtuber

Terms & Details🡬    for Pngtuber


Veadotube models containing between 2 and 4 files.

Pngtuber Plus models made up of between 9 and 20+ parts.

Vtuber Model Art ( .PSD only)
Prices and info coming soon!!
(Rigging will be available in the future as well)

Animated Loop Scenes
Prices and info coming soon
(Live2d Animated Loop scenes for your stream! Commission package will include art + animation. For use in your stream overlays, starting soon, brb screens etc.)

No image preview yet
Character Sheets
Prices and info coming soon
(These commissions will be character sheets ranging in price to include multiple angles and details. Final cost will depend on detail level and amount of art included. Can be for your own personal character or project needs or as reference for a Vtuber model etc)

No image preview yet

Chibi Art
(Currently Not Available) New prices, styles and info coming soon
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