(Character Art & Emotes)

Commission samples, pricing guide and additional details.
[COMMISSIONS ARE CURRENTLY OPEN*Limites slots available!*]
Character & Emote Commissions
Payment // All payments are taken up front via Paypal (USD)
How to order // You will be required to fill out a form for your request(s) and commission details. Include at least one reference photo of the character or design you want with as little (or as much) information as possible. You will receive an invoice and further email correspondence about your commission via email.
Terms // Completed commissions may be posted publicly (with appropriate credit) or featured in my portfolio/website.
I sometimes stream commissions on my Twitch channel ( If this is something you would like to opt out of and if you do not want your commission streamed publicly, please let me know in your inquiry.
I will never sell or reproduce the pieces commissioned by you that include your Original Characters. If you commission me to draw fanart, I may use those as prints in the future.
Full Terms, additional information on requests, turn-around times and how to order can be viewed here    //    View Full Terms and Details

Important Information
I reserve the right to turn down any commission for my own reason (disturbing material, copyright issues, etc.)
WIPs; // Rough sketch for approval and flat colors. (Please request any necessary changes when you receive your rough sketch and any color changes when you receive the flat color preview. I can only make small changes once your commission is complete– major fixes for fully rendered pieces will cost extra.
Please provide all details/references/information in your request. Be as detailed as possible when describing the written and visual character details (personality, age, height, physical appearance, personal traits etc.) Photo references, if you have them, are especially helpful!

Commissions are only for NON-Commercial use // Please don’t modify or sell my work. You can use them at your leisure for personal things (icons, profile pictures, your own personal prints, a phone case or purse etc). Artist credit is also greatly appreciated.
License // You have the option to buy a merchandising license for 30% of the commission cost. This one-off fee replaces having to pay royalties. You can purchase a license any time. (Giving away freebies, or donating profits to charity do not require this license)
Emotes // You will sometimes see emotes with a similar likeness to yours (pose or theme-wise) as sometimes poses I’ve drawn are recycled to a degree.


$30 usd each
$90 for x 3 pack
$150 x 5 pack
Drawn at 300px


$65 usd per character


$110 usd per character


$190 usd per character


$30+ usd Simple
$80+ usd Complex
(final price will be determined by level of detail)
Additional Details
The following information applies to these commission Types;  Full Body,  Half-Body.  Final price will be determined by level of detail.
* Complex Details / Intricate Designs / Small Props: +$5 per character
* Additional details: Weapons/ Wings/Armor etc  +$5-10 (determined by refs/design)
* Additional details:  Animals/Creatures  +$20-40 (determined by refs/design)

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